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Heads Up Football parents and coaches clinics
by posted 08/29/2014

Heads Up Football parents and coaches clinics change the way we talk about football and the approach we take to coaching.  http://bit.ly/1rE8JbK

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by posted 08/27/2014

SFL Families,

Hope all is well with everyone and the school year is off to a GREAT start. With that in mind, I know that some teams did not get the information for the fundraising that is MANDATORY for all players to participate in.  With this fundraising, we might be able to get the line stripping machine, new jerseys and helmets for the teams.  With the need for each player/cheerleader to sell at least 10.  If your team/cheerleading did not get their catalogs yet, they will soon.   The sales will run to 10-18-2014.  We need for everyone to participate to make this successful.  With HARD WORK AND DEDICATION this will happen.  If you have any questions please call me or email me and the information below.

 Your child will also have a chance to win some prizes with the amount that they sell.

For Every 5 sets they sell they will be entered into a drawing for a complete NFL set of cups

25 sets will receive a $15.00 Amazon Gift Card

50 sets will receive an Apple IPad shuffle

100 sets will receive an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” tablet


Thank you in Advance

Tara Ward



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by posted 08/20/2014



The Strongsville Football League & USA Heads Up Football

Working to Make a Better, Safer Game


Mandatory Coaching Seminar

Friday 8-22-14, 6-9pm

Strongsville Recreation Center

Second Floor Meeting Room


Our USA Football Certified Player Safety Coach

Joe Giampietro

will be conducting the seminar covering all facets of the

USA Heads Up football and Player safety approach

to the game.


It is Mandatory that 1 designated Player Safety Coach from every Tackle and Flag SFL Team attend this meeting.



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SFL Fundraiser
by posted 08/09/2014
Attention all SFL Families, we will be having a fundraiser this year to help offsets equipment replacement costs in the next few years. We are encouraging all the kids to sell as many as they can, as there will be incentive prizes for reaching certain items sold goals. These cups are available in all NFL, MLB, the Military and over 100 Colleges! The coaches will get details this coming week, along with samples and order forms. Costs are $18 per for 4 tumblers, 2 covered cups or a tub of popcorn! Please look for details in the next week. Thanks for supporting the SFL!!

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Papa John's Promo
by posted 07/20/2014

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2014 Monthly Meeting Schedule
by posted 04/14/2014

2014 Monthly Meeting Schedule

Strongsville Rec Center - Senior Arts Room

2 / 10
3 / 10
4 / 14
5 / 12
6 / 9
7 / 14
8 / 11
9 / 8
10 / 13
11 / 3

All meeting start at 7:00 - Unless noted


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